Friday, May 6, 2011

Broken Angel

Tonight's no different than any other night. Tonight's the same. Four months have passed and I still find myself lost, insecure, tired, alone, helpless, annoyed, pissed off, depressed, desperate and simply heart broken.

I know no amount of words will bring you back. No amount of tears will soften your heart. No amount of begging or pleading will persuade you. No amount of dreams will make us a reality.

I had you. Or rather thought I did for a while. But i guess the truth is the circumstances drew the line, i was never yours and you were never mine. It was heavenly while it lasted. I loved every second of it. No regrets whatsoever.

One of my selfish wishes is that you remember me. That one day you'll look back and ask yourself why you let go. Maybe one day you'll tell someone about me. About us. Our hopes. Our dreams. Our fantasies.

There's no point in me typing up these words because i know you'll never read them. There's no point waiting for you because i know you don't want me. You don't need me..

As much as those words hurt i say them because they're the truth. Or maybe they're all lies.. I guess I'll never know with you...

If i could turn back time i wouldn't change a thing. All the smiles, the laughter, the tears, the hugs, the kisses. Staying up all night talking to each other. Falling asleep together... they all seem very unreal now.. like they're fragments of someone else's memories. Not my own.

Its probably very selfish of me to want you back.. to wish for you.. but i cant help it..

I'm sorry..

I dont know how to turn of a feeling...

Please forgive me for that ounce of humanity in me..

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