Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I ♥ art

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My major is International Business and come Fall I'll hopefully graduate and enter the working force full time. How does this relate to the photo above? Well I regret taking up this major. I try not to regret things I've done in my life, decisions I've taken or anything like that but I can't help but regret giving in to my dads wishes and studying this. You see I really wanted to study something artsy like photography or graphic design but my dad didn't agree with my choices and since hes paying for tuition I had to give in and study something business-y. So here i am. Three years after that decisions been made and i still long for art. I still wish i had changed my major three years ago and went with my hearts desires.

However, i try to console myself with the fact that maybe one day i could go back and study whatever i want or maybe continue learning by myself. I will continue taking photographs and designing. I think its in my blood. I don't really know how good i am but I'd like to become amazing at it. I'll keep going forward. I will keep on traveling to new destinations and snapping shots wherever i go. I will always have photoshop or any other kind of software on my laptop and try to always get inspired.

Another art form I'm into is writing. I do get writers block often but whenever i can, i write. I may not be as good as J.K Rowling but i hope to be one day.

I've also tried acting. I discovered that i like it quite a lot. I only did one course back when i was about 15 and it was only stage acting and that meant we had to memorize and get the play perfect but hey its still acting. I'm grateful for that course and my mentors because they helped me quite a bit. I became less shy and gave me the courage to get up and speak in front of a crowd.

To make a long story short. I ♥ art.

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